The Toledo School of Ministry Experience

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The Toledo School of Ministry Experience

The Toledo School of Ministry is a two-year ministry training school combining Inste Bible College academics with practical ministry training in both church and urban settings. Under the guidance of experienced pastors and ministry leaders, students will experience Scripture and its cultural application to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus. Vital parts of the two year training are the discovery of the student’s calling and spiritual giftedness as they are trained and deployed into ministry opportunities in the church and the streets.

Students of the Toledo School Of Ministry can expect:

  • To learn to be more like Jesus
  • A solid 2 year academic foundation utilizing Inste Bible College*
  • Critical thinking development to enhance cultural awareness
  • Ministry training in church and urban settings under experienced mentors
  • Access to affordable housing
  • Affordable education with a goal of debt free graduation
  • A pathway for ministry credentials
  • To be trained and deployed to boldly advance God’s Kingdom
The Mission of the Toledo School of Ministry: Train and Deploy Men and Women To Boldly Advance God’s Kingdom Acts 19 Paul took the disciples with him and held daily discussions in the School of Tyrannus for two years. This ministry training center became a hub of constant activity so that “the whole region heard the Word of God”.

Our Vision:

  • To train students in Scripture and hands on ministry through an interactive relationally-driven education, equipping them to follow God’s calling.
  • Values
  • Christ centered
  • Holy spirit empowered
  • Kingdom Minded
  • Relationally-driven, interactive education
  • Student deployment into ministry
  • Pathway to degree and credentiating

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